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Dear Pool Owners and Parents

July is an important month for us as the spotlight is on safety education and child fatalities in pools that, by and large, can be avoided. Drowning is a serious and neglected public health threat. We are delighted that our own government has heard and acknowledged the urgent call to action, agreeing that interventions need to take place if drownings are to be reduced.

Children under 14 years represent the largest percentage of drownings in South Africa, which is 30% of the 1500 drownings annually.

According to WHO, once someone starts to drown, the outcome is often fatal. Unlike other injuries, survival is determined almost exclusively at the scene of the incident, and depends on two highly variable factors: how quickly the person is removed from the water, and how swiftly proper resuscitation is performed. Prevention, therefore, is vital.

As a leader in water safety for children, this year we are collaborating with the NSRI to bring about fresh awareness of water safety, children and drowning risks. Please look out for our various campaigns and use the resources well.

Do you have a personal story that offers may find valuable? Tips we have not yet covered? We'd love to chat with you.

Andrew Crafford

Managing Director

World Drowning Prevention Day, declared through the April 2021 UN General Assembly Resolution, is held annually on 25 July. This global advocacy event serves as an opportunity to highlight the tragic and profound impact of drowning on families and communities and offer life-saving solutions to prevent it.

Please read up on the importance of this issue. We will unpack the local activities in the next newsletter.


We cannot emphasize enough the need to always have three or more layers of safety in place. Combined, the layers listed below really will lessen the likelihood of a drowning. Start with the pool cover and build up layers from there. 

1. Secure the pool with a PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover.

2. Use the Safety Monitor supervision system to ensure that the adult on duty knows he/she is on duty.

3. Purchase a National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Pink Rescue Buoy from our online shop and store it near the pool.

4. Ensure every adult in the home knows basic CPR. 

5. Start swimming lessons early. 

6. Keep emergency numbers saved on speed dial.

For a comprehensive list of safety tips, click here to download our latest safety handbook. 

The 2021 Child Drowning Prevention Handbook

This is the quintessential guide to pool safety for children. It debunks drowning myths, unpacks safety tips, the best ways to secure the pool, and more. Please use this free resource well and share with everyone in your contact list. Even those without children in the home need to read it. Download the Handbook now.  

Would you like to get involved with the NSRI and make a donation to a community? 

For every 10 PowerPlastics Solid Safety Covers ordered, we are donating one of the NSRI's Pink Rescue Buoys to a community in need of water safety equipment. These rescue buoys have already saved many lives but not every community pool or school can afford them. They are used widely, for swimming pool safety and also natural water safety / rescues. 

Please visit our online store to purchase your Pink Rescue Buoy or visit the NSRI website to  make a donation. 

Adult supervision - the Swimming Monitor system

Free with all PowerPlastics Solid Safety Covers purchased in July and August 2021

We launched this Safety Monitor supervision system earlier this year and have had some excellent feedback on it. Based on the principle that adult supervision is key to avoiding drownings, it allows children to quickly identify the adult in charge should there be a safety issue among the children in the pool. 

When there's a larger number of children in the pool, e.g at pool parties, it is advisable to have two or more supervisors each wearing a tag. A busy pool is high risk.

We're sending a lanyard with every PowerPlastics Pool Cover ordered over the next two months, so be sure to order your cover. 

You can also print your own. Download it here already sized on an A4 page. The recommended size is around 14cm x 9,5 cm. Laminate it if possible (to prevent water damage) and then add a lanyard or tie it on a loop of string and wear around the neck.

Have you seen our educational tools? 

TopStep, the home of pool safety, is a free resource that every parent and pool owner should visit and share. Simple, every day tips to keep the children safe. 

The most trusted child safety cover

This PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover was the original solid safety cover in South Africa, conceptualized by PowerPlastics Pool Covers. The fact that so many others have gone on to copy the design is testament to just how effective it is in preventing drownings of children and pets. 

Always be aware of what you are buying and don't be tempted by bargains. This is your child's life we're talking about. Using quality materials really does matter. 

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