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Your guide to summer pool covers ...

Dear Pool Owners

Loadshedding continues to wear us all down but, unpacking it a bit further, pool owners don't realise that their uncovered pool is part of the problem, putting an unnecessary burden on the flailing power supply. A pool cover can halve your filtration time every day - that is an incredible amount of power saved when you apply it to all pools in SA! It's time to be proactive and a part of the solution by covering up, not just blame the supplier!

Power aside, if your pool is uncovered, it is probably costing you far more than it should, be it on water, power or chemicals. And if you have young children, you're taking serious chances if your pool is open. Remember, in summer, child drowning statistics soar. Don't leave it until after an accident happens, cover it now. Safeguard your pets too with our bestselling solid safety cover.

As our Sensible Summer outlook continues into the season, we have compiled a handy guide to the best type of cover for your summer pool. Why not consider a pool cover as a gift these holidays - the gift that really does give back all year round.

Carolyn Idas

National Sales Manager

Not sure which pool cover is right for you this summer? 

Use this guide to match your needs to the pool cover. Each one has varying benefits in terms of safety, sustainability or style. 


The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover


Drownings happen in an instant. Please be vigilant about safety and supervision at all time. 

This bestselling PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover comes in a range of colours and withstands 220kg. Easy to use and tamperproof. It also complies with safety standards and now comes with certification - know what you're buying! Watch the video and learn more.


The GeoBubble range

Looking to reduce your footprint and bring the pool in line with greener habits? Watch the video to learn about the three different types of GeoBubble covers. To summarise each cover: 

  1. EnergyGuard - power saving and natural heating. Learn more
  2. Sol+Guard - maximum heating / solar gain. Learn more.
  3. Thermal GeoBubble - excellent savings on water, power and chemicals. Learn more.


Slatted automatic covers

From an aesthetic point of view, it doesn't get better than this - a fully automatic slatted cover. With a number of installation options including in-ground or retrofit, our slatted covers are the ultimate expression of style and modern efficiency. 

Different slat colours and materials allow you to further customise this elegant cover. Book an appointment with our Roldeck team and let us show you a whole other way to express your style. Learn more here.

Cover of the month: circular PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover - 

fitted by the new Special Projects team. 

We have recently launched a Special Projects division, catering to more elaborate and custom pool shapes that, until now, were tricky to cover with a PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover. Thanks to some serious design skills we are able to take on even more complex pool cover designs. If you have been turned away in the past due to an unusual pool design or obstructions around the edges, do get in touch as we may be able to make it work! 

Pictured below is a recent installation where the circular aesthetic is retained when the pool is closed.


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