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Dear Pool Owners

This is the time of the year to buy your summer pool cover, and below we highlight our two bestsellers for the PowerPlastics Pool Covers ‘sensible’ summer season.

Why sensible? Well, we call it a ‘sensible’ summer as we believe it is time to cover your pool for all the right reasons. We also feel that, living with the COVID–19 pandemic, people have become a lot more responsible and sensible and, as we gradually get back to normal, we are more conscious of our environment, bearing in mind that pool covers are perfect water savers, chemical savers and electricity savers.

We also believe that COVID-19 has left us with the need to feel more connected to those important to us, and who more special than family? It sounds so simple but a beautiful pool, family, friends and lazy hot summer days by the pool are what family memories are made of. Just add a pool cover for a heated pool and we're talking a truly sensible summer! 

As we head into summer we wish to show you our two bestsellers - the Sol+Guard GeoBubble cover for maximum heating from a pool cover, and the Thermal GeoBubble cover which is a slightly lower specified product but one that offers excellent benefits on water, power and chemical savings as well as heating gains. If there are children and pets at home, please take note of our year-round bestseller, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover. 

So let's make this the most sensible summer yet with the pool covers explained below. And lastly, if you are a serious swimmer, read on to learn how we can maximise your training with a pool cover. 

Andrew Crafford

Managing Director

GeoBubble high performance pool covers - 

spend less and get more from your pool this summer

The innovative GeoBubble thermal material has gone through various upgrades since it first entered the market some years ago and today it ticks all the boxes on pool cover performance in respect of savings and natural heating. Compared to the old, first generation round bubble covers, GeoBubble is - hands down - the way to go if you want a warmer, more sustainable swimming pool. It is important to know that while the cheaper, traditional round bubble covers are still sold, they are chalk and cheese when compared to GeoBubble. Know what you are buying and buy from a company that understands the technology that goes into pool covers and how they perform best. 

Sol+Guard - natural heating up to 8°C

The single most effective way to heat a pool using free solar energy

500 micron GeoBubble  R149.99 per metre2 excl. VAT

Get an instant quote and order online now 

Heating properties / solar gain: adds up to 8°C to water temperatures, allowing for longer swimming seasons.

Heat retention: retains heat overnight.

Reduces chemical input: Chlorine in the pool is used more efficiently as it no longer dissipates in sunlight. 

Save water: evaporation reduced by 98%+ with less top-ups required to maintain water levels.

Sol+Guard GeoBubble Cover is clear (with blue tinge).

Learn more.




Thermal GeoBubble

shrink your carbon footprint and save 

The entry level cover with great all round savings on water, power and chemical savings. 

400 micron  R109.99 per metre2 excl. VAT

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A longer swimming season: the water temperature is raised by 6 to 8° C which extends the swimming season either side of summer.

Heat retention: prevents heat loss into the atmosphere and protects against overnight drops in temperature,

Reduces evaporation by 98%+ : translates into significant water savings.

Convenience: prevents dirt and debris collecting in the pool. Maintenance is reduced.

Riviera Blue in colour.







Always opt for the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover where children and / or pets are concerned. 

Rollup stations 

for your GeoBubble cover

If you have a larger pool cover or if you operate your pool cover on your own, you may want to consider a Rollup Station to aid cover usage. 

We have two manual systems - the Jupiter Rollup Station and the Mercury Rollup Station. Both excellent for home use. 

Stepping it up a notch, The PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller is an excellent and affordable way to add automation to your GeoBubble cover without the cost of fully automatic slatted covers. 

Learn more about these systems here.

Did you know that we are the leader in thermal covers for gym, school and other commercial pools?

There are a number of Olympic water sports which all require huge levels of fitness and time spent in the water. If you think about the waterpolo players, the synchronized swimmers, the underwater hockey, diving, competitive swimmers, paralympic swimmers, tri-athletes etc - there are a multitude of athletes needing warm water to train in.

Warmer water, or water heated to around 26 degrees, is a perfect temperature as it allows muscles to perform at their peak. The best way to heat the pool is to use a pool cover when the pool is not in use. In this way, the water is heated using the sun's energy and gets warmer much faster. Pool covers also retain heat. 

If you are serious about any type of competitive swimming, a pool cover is an absolute must. Buy from a company who knows how to best cover commercial sites and venues.

Chat to us or ask your coach, school, gym or pool manager to get in touch with us about a GeoBubble cover for the training pool.

Cover of the month: Roldeck

It doesn't get better than a Roldeck fully automatic slatted cover. We recently installed this stunning Roldeck cover in Somerset West. 

Recent customer reviews: 

Had a delightful experience with Power Plastics and in particular our sales person who was responsive and professional and delivered with speed and courtesy. Andrew T

This is the second time I have dealt with Power Plastics and their service is top knotch! Friendly, fast and efficient. Sandra B.

Thank you to Power Plastics for the impressive service. The process was quick and easy. We are also very happy with the quality of our new pool blanket. Laurene C


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