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Sensible Summer

Dear Pool Owners

One can't deny that 2021 has been a year of becoming more conscious, responsible and sensible on so many levels. But how does that translate into swimming pools? How can we make your summer a sensible one? Simple! For starters, we can help you be sensible from a sustainability point of view and sensible from a financial savings point of view - easily done with a thermal pool cover and GeoBubble technology. Pool covers are not complicated to get - we have made it easier than ever to add the right cover to your particular lifestyle. You will see how it quickly becomes a new normal and just another part of this sensible lifestyle we now lead.

Get your pool covered now, at the start of summer - the sensible thing to do! Read on to understand the differences in our three GeoBubble pool covers, each with slightly different benefits. Watch the video too. For larger pools, we highly recommend adding a Rollup Station. We have a few stunning systems for GeoBubble covers. 

For those in Gauteng and other water restricted areas with uncovered pools, now is the time to take decisive action. With a pool cover, you can instantly bring your pool in line with daily limits and water-smart habits, stopping the need for top ups. Should things worsen, your clean pool water can be a backup plan for the home. Don’t think it can’t happen. Day Zero became a very real likelihood in the Western Cape just a few years ago.

If you are concerned about child or pet safety around the pool, rather opt for the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover - the ultimate when it comes to sensible, safe pools.

To our existing customers, a quick reminder before we get too far into summer. Please check your pool covers and ensure all parts are in good working order. Any tears or loose attachments should be fixed now. Drop us a line and we'll assist with all cover and Rollup Station repairs.

Wishing you a safe, sustainable and sensible summer!  

Andrew Crafford

Managing Director 

The GeoBubble range -

becoming sensible about your carbon footprint

Most people understand that covering a pool saves water and power but the sustainability argument goes so much further with thermal pool covers. Did you know that, in sunlight, chlorine evaporates from water and contributes to greenhouse gases? A cover stops this process and because the chemicals are staying put, you can use less. Then think about backwashing a pool - all that chlorinated water drains away and ultimately makes its way into natural water systems i.e. local wetlands, rivers, dams and the sea. With a cover, because the water is so much cleaner, backwashing and maintenance is minimal. Far less of your treated pool water makes it into your local ecosystem. 

The innovative GeoBubble thermal material has been a game changer for thermal pool covers. Moving on from the round bubble shape, GeoBubble's figure 8 shape bubble is far more durable and the savings and performance have never been this good. No other thermal pool material comes close in performance or lifespan. Choose from three GeoBubble types, depending on your needs. 

Thermal GeoBubble


Our entry level cover with excellent performance on water, power and chemical savings. Riviera Blue in colour. A Thermal Geobubble cover should last you at least 3-4 years. 400 micron.

Learn more.


The summer hit that gets you swimming more. Sol+Guard offers the highest natural heating gains - add up to 8 degrees C to the water temperature. A Sol+Guard cover should last you 6 or more years. 500 micron.

Learn more.



For reducing algae (and reducing power and chemicals) while heating the pool at the same time. Dove Grey in colour. 

An EnergyGuard should last you 6 or more years. 500 micron.

Learn more.

VIDEO - The GeoBubble range

Click the image below to learn more about our GeoBubble covers.

The new look Mercury Rollup Station

After many requests, we have given our Mercury Rollup Station a colour makeover. The unit is now available in a black or grey finish with matching toggles on the attachment edge. 

The grey looks amazing with the Sol+Guard cover and the black is great with the EnergyGuard as seen below. Our Riviera Blue option is still available and goes perfectly with the Thermal GeoBubble cover. 

This is a really durable Rollup Station, especially for larger pool covers, and popular with schools and gyms too. It makes the cover effortless to put on and take off the pool. 

Learn more

Love an automatic pool cover? 

The PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller gets you there for less! 

This solar-powered Rollup Station lets you add automation to your GeoBubble cover without the cost of fully automatic slatted covers. Learn more here.

Prevent UV damage 

Protective cover for GeoBubble covers on Rollup Stations

Pool covers get a lot of sun. It stands to reason that ageing occurs but the minute the cover is off the pool and in the sun, it becomes even more vulnerable to weathering. 
We have always offered a free UV Protection Sheet for our thermal range but we have just given the concept an overhaul, making it super easy to use. 
Once the cover is fully wound onto the Rollup Station, the protection sheet simply hangs/drapes over the unit. Weights on either side prevent it from lifting. 
Please do use this free cover as it serves a very real purpose in extending your cover's lifespan! 
Going the extra mile - a recent customer review: 
Excellent service received from MLu. He kept in contact through the whole process. I asked to see color samples and it was delivered immediately to me. It is rare to find good customer service, MLu DELIVERED! Well done. Installing team was also great and efficient. The product looks great. Will definitely recommend Power Plastics.
Thanks to Junelle Kotze


Why PowerPlastics Pool Covers is your most sensible choice this summer?

  • We've been covering pools for 30 years and still lead the market
  • Unsurpassed design of pool covers 
  • The original creator of the best selling Solid Safety Cover
  • Quality manufacturing, highest quality materials, seamless installations
  • Special projects division for complex installations and cover designs
  • Great customer care long after the pool is covered
  • Industry accreditation & reputation, and affiliation to NSPI
  • National supplier


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